ShowMe Scriba

Everything you mark, write or draw on ShowMe is going to be more detailed and explicit with Scriba.

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    Unique and Personal

    We believe that the stylus should be designed around the user, so Scriba has been sculpted around the hand. The unique form has been designed for intuitive use, complementing the hand’s natural movement and grip. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze-motion, Scriba responds to your every touch.

    Key Features

    Convenience. Scriba’s Smart-Lock feature lets you automatically fix line-weight while you draw. With a full depress, Scriba resumes the free-flowing drawing mode.

    Greater Control. Controlling line weight is critical for good design. Scriba enables you to adjust line weight constantly, fluidly, and accurately.

    Six Months Battery Life. Scriba has the longest battery power of any stylus. Featuring an unprecedented 35 days of continuous use or 6 months on stand-by.

    Robust Yet Beautiful. Crafted from a single mould of high-quality polymer, Scriba is light and durable meaning that you can throw just throw it in your bag.

    ShowMe and Scriba

    The stylus is tightly integrated with ShowMe, which makes an already simple to use app quicker to work with. How does it work? It's simple. All you have to do is squeeze! One squeeze turns the color, two squeezes change the pen thickness and holding a squeeze activates the eraser.

    What Teachers Say about ShowMe and Scriba duo!

    Educators know best when it comes to what their students and classrooms need. Read what other teachers just like you have said about creating ShowMes with the Scriba stylus!

    Cheryl Losey

    It moves smoothly across the surface without any skipping or jumping.  It makes changing colors very simple and it amazes the students as they add their ideas and show their work on the tablet.

    Heidi Herr

    I use it every day. It writes so beautifully and smoothly. My administrator commented on the smooth writing when I showed him a video I created using ShowMe with the Scriba.

    Tracey Hollabaugh

    The smooth writing without the constant clicking sound of my previous favorite stylus is wonderful.  I love, love, love the squeeze to erase feature.

    Jamie Reid

    I love being able to control everything with a squeeze. So easy to use that it takes less time to make my ShowMes.

    Nate Eleuterio

    Just makes everything easier and smoother to work with. It's much more comfortable to hold so I feel like my writing is neater and it eliminates me having to click things with my hands - just easier overall.